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Katimavik86 I do a lot of air travel and this is one of my favourite 'zone-out' albums: Grab a window seat, put this on, ignore whatever's happening around you, wait for drinks to be served. Favorite track: Second Skin.
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ustrempski I'm blown away by NGC! There sound is phenomenal! Support this band! Get this album! It's worth it! Favorite track: Second Skin.
Jon Michael
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Jon Michael This album (and the man behind it) are so good, I decided to put out music with him and cover his songs. Do it! Favorite track: Throne of Cold.
Jason  thumbnail
Jason It's hard for me to believe this was recorded by one musician using minimal (cheap) gear and GarageBand.
I suppose when you write creative, kick-ass riffs, excellent lyrics, and record the most harrowing vocals this side of Nightside Eclipse, you don't need razzle-dazzle!! The raw emotion cuts through.
So awesome, Chris!!
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Second Skin 05:00
Discard our flesh Remove this tattered skin Not just content to be An ornament of sin I choose the portal Send my will beyond I’ll meet the Maker, drive this Pain back to the ground Taking hold of my Second Skin Release the Death I have held within Taking hold of this Second Skin Cannot let this crippling sorrow win There is no answer In the blood and sweat of death All the lies that are my life Are trapped in my last breath Look to the winding path And leave this flesh behind Let them drown in their deceit Without poisoning your mind. Taking hold of my Second Skin Release the Death I have held within Taking hold of this Second Skin Cannot let this crippling sorrow win (Solo) Taking hold of my Second Skin Release the Death I have held within Taking hold of this Second Skin Cannot let this crippling sorrow win
Withdrawn 03:42
I see the sky closing The universe denies The choices I must make to Carry on this way No light breaks through this shroud We're left with cold and death And with each star extinguished I'm left with fewer breaths (chorus) The color's drained and the world is black Now we're all blind to the one way back We reach with blistered hands For whatever's in reach This rain is the flaking skin of Your lying gods Now bow in supplication Now pray for your escape As each branching path of your life is Withdrawn (repeat chorus, dress in black, read poetry, sulk)
There’s no safe place for us to hide He casts his judgement from a throne of cold Your past returns to tear your flesh Until your soul’s exposed for all to see Save your breath for last Requests that will never be granted Bound your hands and feet And approach the forgotten gate There’s no time for prayers Recitation of your scripture Left with nothing now You will serve this House of Chains A frozen kingdom void of light No talisman will take you home There’s no safe place for you to hide He casts his judgement from a throne of cold
Absolution 06:14
In sunless skies I watch my universe collapse Beneath the branches of my grave He gives no quarter for your tales of tragedy Just one more coin for the ferry We beg for one more chance to tread this fragile Earth And feel the light upon our face But all that’s left are the choices we have made A blackened stain upon our bones Upon your head there lies a broken crown You are the King of all you are There is no hope for absolution Your soul is ground into the dust In sunless skies I watch the universe collapse Beneath the branches of my grave
Bury your truth in the scars Of a thousand petty false alarms I feel them burrowing under my skin Ripping the flesh, exposing my sin Their scripture written in the lies of pride No remorse for those that died Is this the punishment for those that dare To grasp at the shadows and come up for air? Break my back and keep me low You will reap what you sow You keep me shackled and blind Your tyranny clothed in a pantomime It saps my strength, leaves no will to resist Keeps me beating on walls till I bloody my fists Their scripture written in the blood of the fools Content to be sheep, thy master’s willing tools Is this the punishment for those that try To build our own wings and reach for the sky? Tear my eyes out leave me blind You can’t see inside my mind I am left with nothing here Reason has left me, I’m living on fear Of being left alone with my thoughts Crying for answers I haven’t been taught. Their scripture written in the tears of the damned Prey for the wolves, the begotten lambs Is this the punishment for those that don’t know That their dreams are the feast for the devils below? Pay the Man his bloody toll You will never have my soul
Under fields / of Nephilem The milk / it curdles…. Blind Earth / Goddess Where is your / Dairy Queen? (chorus) No future here… The Age of Reason passed… Your marrow / dried and weak Without your Vitamin D… Be content / with substitutes The Devil’s gift / cans of soy No escape / from what we wrought The smell of death / is curdled milk! (repeat chorus)


Demo MMXVI (fancy Roman for 2016) charts the progress of one man's attempt at finding an outlet to express himself so that he didn't sit on his ass like a depressed slob, slowly getting fat and morose and ignoring the things he loved and that loved him back. Lyrically the songs deal with feeling isolated and afraid to reach out for help, the frustration and depression that comes with trying to change, having enough of that depression and drawing a line...

...Oh, and there's one song about how terrible curdled milk smells. Catchy chorus, you can sing along if you like.


released March 6, 2016

Chris Voss - all guitars, bass, vocals, simple drum programming
Betamonkey Drum Loops - anything more complicated




Necrolytic Goat Converter New York

Started as a joke band name crowd-sourced on Facebook, then turned into something else: therapy through music.

Thanks for checking out one man working through his personal demons, badly, through the music that he loves.
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