Necrolytic Goat Converter​/​Domestikwom Split

by Necrolytic Goat Converter, Domestikwom

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The heavily anticipated and long awaited (at least for that one guy on Twitter - thanks Vincent!) split/collaboration between now veteran Dadcore® artists Necrolytic Goat Converter and Domestikwom. Featuring one totally new original track each as well as one cover from the other band's previous release.

Full split is available on both artist's pages for the absurdly low price of a couple of bucks - even if you convert to Canadian currency. We're not all that competitive here...


released October 31, 2016

Necrolytic Goat Converter
- Chris Voss: all guitars, bass, vocals, drum programming

- Jonathan Petkau: Guitar, keys, vocals, drum programming
- Evan Petkau: Bass



all rights reserved


Necrolytic Goat Converter New York

Started as a joke band name crowd-sourced on Facebook, then turned into something else: therapy through music.

Thanks for checking out one man working through his personal demons, badly, through the music that he loves.
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Track Name: Domestikwom - A Simple Tailor
Alone in exile
In a strange and unknown land
Behind their rows of smiling teeth
Cloying Infection I can't stand

I used to control it all
Empires fell before me
Now I hem and sew
No escape that I can see

My wit which brought down governments
Spent finding leg measurements
Only relief is lunchtime banter
With the naive human doctor

I am a devil trapped by the Angels
Track Name: NGC - Fractured Omniscience
This blizzard lives within me
A pale reflection of this frozen land
Distant stars count the moments of my pain
Atmosphere’s too thin to carry my
Fevered cries

Still I feel His stare…

Your burden lies beyond an open vein
A wound inflicted on yourself
A fractured memory of what you’ve lost
Now lies forgotten in the dark

The cold’s embrace leaves its mark
My soul is on the brink of shattering
No life exists save the crows that come to feast
Upon the remnants of
Abandoned prayers

Still He watches me…

Your burden lies beyond an open vein
A wound inflicted on yourself
A fractured memory of what you’ve lost
Now lies forgotten in the dark

No more will you be burdened with His Light
The path you forge is now your own

My body marks another mile
No respite from these howling winds
Will is trapped inside limbs that will not bend
As the cold slowly takes the sight
From my eyes

I can’t feel His stare…
What have I done?
Track Name: Domestikwom - Throne of Cold
There’s no safe place for us to hide
He casts his judgement from a throne of cold
Your past returns to tear your flesh
Until your soul’s exposed for all to see

Save your breath for last
Requests that will never be granted
Bound your hands and feet
And approach the forgotten gate

There’s no time for prayers
Recitation of your scripture
Left with nothing now
You will serve this House of Chains

A frozen kingdom void of light
No talisman will take you home
There’s no safe place for you to hide
He casts his judgement from a throne of cold
Track Name: NGC - The Crushing Weight of Pater Vita
500 years of hairsplitting
No closer to the truth
Abandoned reading
The source of all your proof

No complications
All eyes look to thee
The congregation
Only agrees

For centuries
We’ve tried to reform the reformed
We’ve failed disasterously
At every effort to conform

500 years later
We seek to suppress
Instead of love thy neighbor
We’ve chosen to oppress

Those he died to save
Include us too
What we send to Hell
Condemns us too…

1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4!

You are full of life
You are full of energy
Not even at puberty

But you’re not there yet
So before you go
There’s one thing
You have to know