Have a Necrolytic Birthday - Single

by Necrolytic Goat Converter

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My buddy Jason from #metalbandcampgiftclub had a birthday, and along with the newly crafted tradition of gifting albums from his Bandcamp wishlist, I decided to learn "Happy Birthday" and give him a little something extra for being one of the earliest supporters of the band. A few folks said it would be cool to do a version with more generic lyrics, so I re-recorded them in true Necro Goat fashion and fixed the one or two GLARING mistakes in the song.

Don't worry...I left all the other mistakes in. Enjoy as a free download for the suffering human in your life.


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, suffering human
Happy Birthday to you.


released September 17, 2016
Arranged, performed, mixed and (somewhat) mastered by Chris Voss



all rights reserved


Necrolytic Goat Converter New York

Started as a joke band name crowd-sourced on Facebook, then turned into something else: therapy through music.

Thanks for checking out one man working through his personal demons, badly, through the music that he loves.
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